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Social Justice as a Social Factor


From laws preventing women working in specific jobs to the stereotyping of gender roles and abilities, the metals and mining sectors have historically been inhospitable environments for women to enter and progress in their careers.

Now, long overdue change is happening in the industry, but there is still much work to be done, thirteen female leaders told S&P Global Platts in our latest #ChangePays report People Power: COVID-19 Will Redefine Workforce Dynamics In The Post-Pandemic Era

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, companies around the world have faced the gravest disruption in more than a generation, with a variety of sectors facing an existential threat amid a severe economic downturn–an uncertain prospect given the mixed signals on policy and challenges forecasting the spread of a novel disease. Unprecedented employment challenges stemming from the coronavirus pandemic are rippling across the broader economy and affecting how employees operate and interact with their employers.

The fallout from the pandemic is unevenly affecting lower-wage workers who have less access to paid time off, health care, or job security. This has prompted a reconsideration of the value of workers including the salaries and benefits they are being offered. It […]

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