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Signs of Hope in a Sour Economy

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Donate Now Marc Hyden is the Director of State Government Affairs at the R Street Institute, and he is a long-time Georgia resident. You can follow him on Twitter at @marc_hyden. At the dawn of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, Americans’ concerns largely centered around public health, and understandably. Public officials claimed 2.2 million Americans might die from the coronavirus within a short period of time. Thankfully, that model appears to have been debunked, and COVID-19-related fatality estimations have since precipitously trended downward.

Despite this, most state economies, including Georgia’s, were effectively shut down for some time. As Americans learned that COVID-19, while dangerous, wasn’t as fatal as once believed, the deteriorating economy became the focus of their fears. Again, this is more than understandable, especially as some pundits make comparisons between the COVID-19 recession and the Great Recession and even the Great Depression. However, there are slivers of hope even in the face of the economic doom and gloom.

State revenues have been lagging , which has forced Governor Brian Kemp to ask agencies to slash […]

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