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Roy Exum: The Truthful Politician



Roy Exum: The Truthful Politician

Roy Exum The most candid and easily the most unique politician in the nation’s November election is Aria DiMezzo. The reason is Aria swears “to tell the truth – nothing but the truth, and whole truth, so help me” — about everything, believed by some as impossible in the political realm. Actually, it is even more impossible for anyone with Airi’s lifestyle choices to be elected in any vote of any kind in the United States but welcome to the weirdest year in America’s history, and recognize Aria DiMezzo’s political brilliance.

As you are getting ready to learn, Aria has some classic reasons to render “no comment” or hedge on her character and virtue but, nope, the truth will set you free. And that’s the sole reason for her name on the ballot.

Unbelievably, she just won the Republican primary in her quest to become sheriff in New Hampshire’s Cheshire County, which includes about 70,000 people in the southwest corner of the state. A newcomer to politics, DiMezzo got 10 times more votes than another longtime Republican sheriff candidate a couple of weeks ago so, just who is this Aria DiMezzo?

“I am a non-op transgender lesbian–you’d know it better as “shemale” […]

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