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Rheumatology providers, and patient advocates urge lawmakers to address healthcare challenges


The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) will hold its first virtual Advocates for Arthritis event on Tuesday, Sept. 15, where more than 120 rheumatologists, rheumatology health professionals, and patient advocates will meet with lawmakers via video to discuss the healthcare challenges they are facing in the midst of COVID-19. During the event, advocates will urge lawmakers to adopt legislation that ensures continued delivery of accessible, safe and affordable care throughout this public health emergency and beyond. The pandemic has altered almost every aspect of our rheumatology practices. It has impacted our patients’ lives significantly and required us to create new ways of delivering care through improved telehealth and other adaptations.” Ellen Gravallese, MD, ACR President Rheumatology providers face significant resource challenges as a result of the current climate. As providers work to balance patient safety and continued access to care, many have been forced to retool their operations, move a significant portion of visits to telehealth, source their own personal protective equipment (PPE), and help patients navigate drug supply challenges – while in many cases operating with less staff due to social distancing protocols, furloughs and layoffs.

Meanwhile, patients are concerned about their ability to access rheumatic care while avoiding […]

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