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Report: Washington state’s tech economy is robust, 13.2% of the workforce holds a job in tech


High-tech exports are a major strength in Washington state. (Source: ITI) A new report from the Information Technology Industry Council paints a detailed picture of the importance of the high-tech industry in the U.S., including Washington state which is home to Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile and thousands of startup companies.

“The data make clear that technological innovation is woven through the entire U.S. economy—including every congressional district,” according to the report which measures states and districts on 34 economic indicators.

Washington state ranks at the top of the list in several categories, including IT services exports. In fact, a whopping 57 percent of all services exports are related to technology — nearly twice as much as the second place and third place finishers of Massachusetts and Oregon, which showed a roughly 28 percent share.

Washington state also ranked fifth in terms of technology workers as a share of the overall workforce at 13.2%, behind the District of Columbia (23.3%), Virginia (17.4%), Maryland (15.2%) and Massachusetts (14.2%). California was 6th at 13.1%.

Washington state also ranked 4th in terms of average high-tech wages, coming in at $131,830. The District of Columbia, California and Massachusetts ranked ahead of Washington state in average high-tech wages. The report […]

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