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Report: Health Care Jobs At Risk As Uninsured Rate Soars


The symbol of medicine, the caduceus.

More than 5 million Americans have lost their employer-sponsored health plans during the pandemic, and have not secured alternate health insurance. That’s according to a study by nonprofit consumer health care advocacy group Families USA.

Stan Dorn, who authored the study, is director of the nonprofit’s National Center for Coverage Innovation. He says low wage workers have seen an extraordinary increase in the number of uninsured, with New York among five states with the highest coverage losses.

“African-Americans in particular but other people of color as well suffered disproportionate losses. And families with children were hurt. About 1.3 million adults in families with children lost their health insurance and that has significant effects on children’s wellbeing as well as adults’ wellbeing.”

The report finds people without health insurance are less likely to visit their doctor. The $3.4 trillion dollar House-passed HEROES Act would offer federal aid, and help pay insurance premiums for unemployed workers so they can stay insured under the COBRA process.

Families USA Executive Director Frederick Isasi says across the nation, some 15 percent of adults are now uninsured.”Congress must prioritize comprehensive health coverage in this COVID package they’re currently negotiating, protect families, save […]

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