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Reminder for Democrats: Politics won’t stop after November

Fall election won’t prevent intraparty conflict or changing political dynamics

As president, Joe Biden would still have to deal with the normal political dynamics and challenges, both from within his party and outside it, Rothenberg writes. (Caroline Brehman/CQ Roll Call file photo) ANALYSIS — Democrats’ near-term opportunities shouldn’t obscure the longer-term problems the party faces.

First, from the time of his likely election in November and his inauguration in January, President Joe Biden will find himself under attack not only from the GOP but also from elements within his own party.

It isn’t that the Democrats’ “AOC wing,” under the leadership of Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts will dictate the party’s positions to Biden. That’s just ridiculous. Biden isn’t an amateur who just fell off a rutabaga truck.

But progressives are sure to complain (no matter what Biden does) that he hasn’t done enough, almost guaranteeing a fissure in the Democratic Party.

After eight years of Barack Obama and four years of Donald Trump, progressives are impatient and want dramatic change sooner rather than later. Recent events obviously have played into their hands, which will be stronger in 2021. Second, a Biden victory will almost immediately draw attention […]

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