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Remarks by Vice President Pence During a Chamber Roundtable to Discuss Economic Reopening | Malvern, PA

Rajant Corporation
Malvern, Pennsylvania

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, Gene, thank you. And I want to thank the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry for bringing together so many great business leaders.

It’s wonderful to be back in Pennsylvania at a time when we are opening up America again and opening up America’s schools very soon. So, thank you all for coming. I’m looking forward to hearing your reports on the progress you’re making.

And allow me to being by bringing greetings from a great champion of Pennsylvania and a great admirer of the hardworking people of this state. I bring greetings from President Donald Trump, who really wanted me to be here today, to hear firsthand about the progress that Pennsylvania is making as we find our way through these challenging days in the midst of this unprecedented pandemic.

But we’re also — we’re also here to talk just about the progress that we’re making in this economy. And I do specifically want to thank Rajant for hosting us today. This is a company that has made extraordinary progress since it was founded shortly after 9/11. Their products are used by American soldiers and literally shipped around the world. And I want to […]

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