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Reeder: Misogyny still a sad constant in our politics


Hide caption Scott Reeder SPRINGFIELD – When it comes to running for office, women just have to put up with a lot more crap than men do.

This week, Republican congressional candidate Jeanne Ives had three signs in Naperville defaced with a slur often used to describe a private portion of women’s anatomy.

Four years ago, someone took a picture of state Rep. Avery Bourne’s face and photo-shopped it on to the naked body of another woman and mailed the phony image to people throughout her legislative district.

Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has been publicly called a “prostitute” on various social media forums.

Let’s face it, these are things that male candidates don’t have to deal with.

In the case of Harris, much attention has been paid to her past relationship with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, who is 23 years her senior.It is interesting that her once dating someone 23 years her senior is considered a blotch on her record. But Donald Trump marrying someone 23 years his junior is just a mild curiosity for most folks.By the way, both Brown and Trump were married but estranged from their wives at the inception of these relationships.Actress Robbin Young tweeted, ”’Kamala doesn’t […]

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