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Rallying Support Without Signaling Virtue: A 2019 Guide To Showing You Care

In this brave new era of progressive politics, empathetic enterprise, the whole neo-faire movement of woke capitalism and value investment, a new hero has emerged. It’s laying siege to the entire complex of commercial air space, social media matrices — even freeway billboards are dabbed up with the hashtags of trending social movements and ethic-chic catchphrases. We’re talking about the modern marketing activist here, and in 2019, we’ve seen all manner of support for everything from third-wave identity politics to blunt political ideology.

Every industry, from cosmetics to agriculture, seems hyped on advocacy. Even blue-chip sportswear staples are flexing entire A-squad armies of professional athletes sporting grievances and balled-up fists, dropping knowledge on the unwashed masses — all under shining catchphrases and logos, collateral iconography we’ve been hard-wired to associate with winning, elitism and virtue.

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