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Progressive Donor Susan Sandler to Give $200 Million to Racial Justice Groups


Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press

Susan Sandler, a liberal philanthropist, will invest $200 million in racial justice organizations, targeting areas across the South and the Southwest that are experiencing rapid demographic transformation.

Ms. Sandler, who learned she had a rare form of brain cancer four years ago, will announce the effort in a lengthy post on Medium scheduled to publish on Monday morning. In the post, which was shared with The New York Times before publication, Ms. Sandler says her investments will be made through a new organization, the Susan Sandler Fund, aimed at combating systemic racism and building civic power.

“I have come to believe that the most effective way to transform societal priorities and public policies is to change the balance of power, not change the minds of those who hold power,” Ms. Sandler writes. “When government is responsive to — and, frankly, fearful of — the people who most bear the brunt of inequality and injustice, then better priorities, practices and policies follow.”

Ms. Sandler’s announcement comes amid skyrocketing investment in racial justice organizations, fueled by the national reckoning on systemic inequities and injustice that swept the country this summer.

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