End the duopoly

Professional sports and the social justice movement

Copyrights: Simone Galimberti With the Black Lives Matter movement, we have a unique chance not only to address the grievances of minority players worldwide but also an opportunity to fix professional sports for good.

Reading about the repercussions from the Black Lives Matter protests in the world of professional sports leagues in the USA and elsewhere, you really start thinking that a time of reckoning has come for the sports industry.

Based on a business model whose underpinnings are based on a logic of profit maximization, most of the professional sports are driven by a small group of decision makers, a cast that lacks of diversity and inclusiveness and often represents the worst of capitalism.

The model at its core is simple: turn a limited number of players, many of which from minority groups, into millionaire icons and squeeze them the most thanks the art of marketing deal making that thrives on commercial endorsements, TV and streaming rights.

Perhaps we are just at the beginning of a big turnaround.

I am saying “perhaps” because for the innumerable private conglomerates that endorsed the protests, most of them out of self-interest, we are staring at two options ahead for professional sports organizations.They can go on with […]

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