End the duopoly

Professional sports and the social justice movement – Part 2


Copyrights: Simone Galimberti With the Black Lives Matter movement, we have a unique chance not only to address the grievances of minority players worldwide but also an opportunity to fix professional sports for good.

It might not be so immediate but Black Lives Matter is not only an opportunity to give more voices to minority groups who are too underrepresented at the top of decision making in the sports world. It is an opportunity to rethink professional sports.

It is a quest for a more just and egalitarian society and therefore a chance to make professional sports radically different from what it ended up being these days.

Because the entire sports industry is based on a subtle exploitation of professional athletes, not only those of color, outshining and, paradoxically dwarfing the vast majority of athletes, those millions of amateur sports practitioners that, despite constituting the backbone of sports, remain nevertheless overlooked.

Minority players have considerable fewer chances to make it than their white peers but once they make it, they make it big, they become enlisted in the global circus of professional sports and this is where their exploitation starts.

Of course certainly not one of them is enlisted as a bonded laborer but […]

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