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Presidential Candidate Reps talk civil rights and racial equality during NAACP forum

The democratic party for the 2020 election is crowded with candidates. The NAACP Aiken County Branch is introducing voters to the candidates to make their selection during election night easier.

“The best part of a buffet is when you go in and find that special food that nobody wanted, and you thought you wanted,” said Aiken County NAACP President, Eugene White. “However, when you tried it, you realized you liked it. The best part of education is understanding how you want to vote.”

During the forum, several campaign representatives answered questions about education, economic empowerment, and public safety in the African American and Hispanic communities.

“We don’t hear the conversation about civil rights or race,” explained White. “So our questions tonight are going to focus on those. We thought it would be a good idea for the community to hear the representatives of the candidates speak on how the candidates’ policy feels about race and civil rights.”

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One member believes that the upcoming election is an important one.

“We have a lawless president right now,” said Pete Lafoberge. “We need to make sure he is not re-elected, but I think any of the candidates can do that job.”

While some candidates are dropping out of the race and new one continue to join, Lafoberge says this forum is a tool for people who are not politically active.

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