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Presidential candidate Andrew Yang talks economic policies at St. A’s ‘Politics & Eggs’

Economic policies took center stage at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics on Wednesday morning as presidential candidate Andrew Yang took to the podium in the New England Council’s latest “Politics & Eggs” event.

The self-described “Asian man who likes math” told the event’s audience that the election of Donald Trump in 2016 was just a symptom of much larger socio-economic problems, citing a correlation between manufacturing job loss and increased Republican support.

That moment served as a red flag for Yang, who was honored by the Obama Administration for his work creating jobs across the country through his nonprofit organization Venture for America.

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“We’re at a point where tens of millions of Americans decided that taking a bet on a narcissist reality TV star was the way to go,” he said. “And here I was, a celebrated entrepreneur who had created thousands of jobs with a sinking feeling that every job my organization was creating was water getting put into a bathtub with a giant hole ripped into the bottom.”

Although Yang believed that Trump’s ascension to the White House came in response to a yearning by millions of Americans to find someone that would address the country’s changing economic realities, he believes that Trump’s policy responses to those realities were the exact opposite of what was needed, only exasperating America’s problems.

However, he also criticized stereotypical Democratic reasons regarding Trump’s rise such as Russia or Hillary Clinton as tone-deaf toward those voters who may have once supported Democrats before supporting Trump in 2016.

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