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President Trump Picks Michael Jordan Over LeBron James: ‘He Wasn’t Political’


(CBS)- The debate over who is the greatest of all time centering around Michael Jordan and LeBron James has been a topic of contention in sports for the last several years. On Tuesday, as part of a radio interview with Fox Sports Radio, President Donald Trump sided with those who choose Michael Jordan.

Speaking with Clay Travis, the president said that Jordan is his pick because “he wasn’t political so people like him better.”

The “not political” label has been applied to Jordan a lot through the years particularly in the aftermath of a 1990 Senate race in North Carolina which pitted Democrat Harvey Gantt, who was Black, against Republican incumbent Jesse Helms, a known racist. Jordan was quoted at the time as saying “Republicans buy sneakers, too” in response to why he chose not to endorse Gantt.

In the documentary “The Last Dance”, aired by ESPN this year, Jordan said that his comment was made as a joke and thus, taken out of context. Earlier this summer, Jordan and his brand pledged to donate $100 million to improve Black lives through various organizations. He said in an interview with the Charlotte Observer that now is a “tipping point” for racism in […]

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