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Port: Kamala Harris is the poster child for shallow racial politics


Former Vice President Joe Biden shows his support for Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s re-election campaign at the Dem-NPL state convention in Grand Forks in March of 2018. (Forum News Service) WDAY TV MINOT, N.D. — Back in 2016, as then-candidate Donald Trump was storming his way down the campaign trail to the White House, I argued that his ability to survive the offensive things he was, and is, prone to saying was because we have become inured to accusations of racism .

We toss them around like confetti. The best-selling book about race relations in America, one called ” White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo , which has been elevated to gospel status by some, argues that all white people are racist and the only thing to do about it is to “strive to be less white.”

I’m not making that up.

If you’re white, you’re racist, and if you try to deny that you’re racist, that’s just more evidence for how racist you are.

It’s a neat trick.

A bit like how the fanatics of another age used to test people for witchery by tying them up and throwing them in the nearest body of water. If they floated, they were a witch, which probably […]

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