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Poll Finds Climate Change Still An Important Issue For Floridians Amid COVID-19

Climate strikers gather in front of Jacksonville City Hall in September of 2019. A recent poll from Florida Atlantic University finds that the coronavirus pandemic has not significantly changed the way Floridians feel about climate change.

The third Florida Climate Resilience Survey by FAU’s Center for Environmental Studies and the Business and Economics Polling Initiative finds that 89% of respondents (83% of those in North Florida) accept the science of climate change, up from 86% in January and 88% in October 2019.

According to the poll , Floridians acceptance of climate science is significantly higher than the record-tying level amongst Americans found in an April survey by Yale and George Mason Universities . That survey found that 73% of respondents nationwide agreed that climate change is happening.

Meanwhile, 55% of Floridians (46% of those living in North Florida) say in a different but similar question that humans are causing climate change, despite widespread scientific consensus that human activity is the cause .

“Almost overnight, the coronavirus dramatically transformed American life, but it’s encouraging to see that climate change remained a hot button issue for Floridians despite the public health crisis that shifted everyone’s priorities,” said Colin Polsky, director of the FAU Center for […]

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