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Political Confessional: The Woman Who Thinks Older People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote

This week we talked with Mikayla, a 28 year old white woman from New Hampshire. She wrote, “There should be an upper age-limit on voting (i.e. people over the age of X shouldn’t vote).”

Mikayla: If you look broadly at the spectrum of issues that are pretty important — LGBTQ rights, climate change — generally you see more conservative views and more resistance to changes in those areas among older voters. And I think that’s because their values evolved years in the past when society was quite different. And so having this block of people whose views are lagging society more broadly, can, if not be regressive, be somewhat resistant to progress in areas that are important for broader acceptance of more people.

CM: Would this just be persecution of conservatives?

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Mikayla: I could see how it comes across that way, because it’s certainly true as people get older they tend to get more conservative or perhaps they stay the same and society moves on. I guess it’s just that if you look among Republicans who are younger, you see increased support for climate change or LGBTQ rights. There’s just generally increased acceptance of these socially liberal positions among younger Republicans. There’s still disagreement among young Democrats and young Republicans on some of those issues and the best way to tackle them. So it’s not stifling conservative speech, it’s just allowing the debate to move on.


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