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Political cash flows into Great Lakes states with presidency on the line

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) – The presidency may be won – or lost – along the shores of the Great Lakes, drawing investment from mega-donors and the grassroots. The biggest political donors and the grassroots are investing heavily in swinging three Great Lakes States, success may secure the presidency for their candidate. (Source: Gray DC) Four years after President Obama rang up solid victories in every Great Lakes state except Indiana in 2012, President Trump scored nail bitingly close wins in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

The combined difference between Trump and Hillary Clinton amounted to just 0.77 percent of all the votes cast there in 2016. And, it essentially won him the race despite Clinton’s three-million popular vote advantage.

That has political power-brokers in those states and D.C. convinced wins this November in those states could deliver the White House for their candidate.

Billions of dollars will be spent to influence 2020 elections, but few will spend more than American Bridge, a Democratic SuperPac. SuperPacs, also known as ‘dark money groups’ can raise and spend unlimited cash, legally, so long as they don’t coordinate with or bankroll campaigns and parties.

But, even with tens of millions of dollars at its disposal, American Bridge’s co-founder […]

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