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Paula White is an example of religious leaders weaponizing faith for politics | Editorial

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Recently, on The Jim Bakker Show (yes, that Jim Bakker), Central Florida pastor and Donald Trump spiritual adviser Paula White warned of consequences from God for those who don’t stand with the president.

Last Sunday, Joe Biden was reportedly denied communion at a Catholic Church in South Carolina by a priest who objects to the former vice president’s support for abortion rights.

And Vero Beach pastor Rick Wiles darkly predicted on his TruNews show that if Trump is removed from office — he didn’t specify how — then cowboys, mountain men and veterans would “hunt down” those responsible and punish them.

So exists the state of religion — or at least, a politicized slice of it — in 2019, where fealty to an earthly politician is the difference between heaven and hell or war and peace.

Not because she’s a conservative but because of her naked use of religion as a weapon. She’s trying to frighten believers with apocalyptic consequences if they don’t get in line behind this president.

Unfortunately, the national attention on these self-promoting evangelical opportunists risks overshadowing the selfless work of Christian churches and missions that help people who are hungry, poor, sick and homeless.

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