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Patagonia, Chicago Art Institute Offer Examples of Standout Brand Activism in COVID Times

In addressing one of the biggest threats to their livelihood in modern history, organizations worldwide have had to make major shifts in their business models, workforces and PR strategy. Some companies have risen to the challenge , while others have faltered , unable or unready to withstand such a major disruption.

Experienced communicators and marketers have built on years of creative and strategic thinking to put their organizations on the map during times of crisis. With empathy and apt analysis of public needs— feeding frontline workers , crafting home offices , offering children’s entertainment —these fast thinkers have ideated and executed some of the boldest PR and marketing campaigns in recent memory.

Some organizations have taken a riskier approach, building digital or earned media campaigns that stand in for the usual awareness-building events—in-person rallies, press conferences or protests—now limited by bans on public gatherings. This can require some courage, given discussions around mask-wearing and reopening have become increasingly polarized.

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Two notable examples of brand activism have stood out over the course of the pandemic; one local, one national: a mask-wearing campaign in Chicago, and political statements from longtime mercantile activist Patagonia. A Lion’s Share of Public Messaging in Chicago

On April […]

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