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Parkview Medical Center leveraging community partnerships to tackle SDOH

As an organization, Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado prides itself on its mission of delivering the highest possible quality care to its patients – and a core component of that mission is a community-oriented approach to tackling social determinants of health.

The impact that social determinants can have on the quality of a patient’s care journey can’t be overstated. These social factors – whether transportation issues, language barriers, educational disadvantages, food insecurity or low income – have a profound effect, not just on health, but on a person’s ability to navigate the care system. Parkview knew that in order for the hospital to achieve certain quality benchmarks it had to reduce 911 calls and emergency department utilization especially. So in 2015 it turned to the community.

The key partnership that developed was one with the Pueblo Fire Department. Together, the two entities are at the forefront of an SDOH program called DOTS, which stands for “Directing Others to Services.” Its focus is on transitions, and it helps guide people to the right resources, with a focus on frequent 911 callers and ED utilizers. The cornerstone of this approach is addressing patients’ needs at home whenever possible as opposed to in […]

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