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Orlando Magic will continue social justice questions, endeavors long after leaving the bubble


The fight for social justice will continue long after teams like the Orlando Magic leave the NBA campus. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) The Orlando Magic’s season is over, but their fight to be part of positive change in their community will continue even after the season ends.

The first part of diagnosing or solving a problem is education and discovery. To know an issue and learn how to solve it is to become aware of the problem itself. To dive deep into its history and to ask questions of those who know more, even if the answers are not yet satisfactory.

NBA players have been put — and to some extent put themselves — in a position to lead on issues of racial justice in this country. As some of the most visible Black men — the WNBA has long been leading and engaging on these issues as some of the most visible Black women — in society, they are shedding a light on experiences that Black men and women experience every day.

By their raising awareness, they are hoping to encourage and push others to educate themselves and ask questions . They are leaders in a protest […]

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