End the duopoly

Organizers says gender privilege thrusts some into social justice work, excuses others


The last few months of racial unrest have shown just how quickly social movements can change. What I report here could be wrong or outdated a year from now, but is what I’ve found to be a current truth.

As a white woman in journalism, I’m committed to seeking out and reporting the truth and accepting feedback on how to be better.

Recognizing my part in both social change and past complicity is part of personal and professional work.

“We’re here, we’re queer!” echoes through downtown as masked protesters in black clothes march through the city. At the front, stands London Newton and other organizers shouting into megaphones.

While each of them come from different backgrounds they’ve all got some things in common: they’re Black and they’re queer.

“I think we have to center the most marginalized people in every movement because Black men being saved doesn’t save Black trans women from being murdered.

I think that’s why it’s become Black-and-woman-led, at least in Asheville,” Newton said. Student Body President London Newton leads chants on campus during a gathering in honor of Jacob Blake who was shot in the back seven […]

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