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Opinion: Stop acting like the NFL cares about social justice

Courtesy Unsplash The specter of Colin Kaepernick is haunting the NFL. Ever since the quarterback was blackballed for protesting police brutality, many fans and pundits sparred over the merits of his actions. Like our country, the league values structure, hierarchy, discipline, and strength in a military-like fashion. Like our country, the league’s fan base skews somewhat socially conservative, often siding with upper management and coaches over “rebellious” and “entitled” players . It’s only in the last few years that the league has shown signs of turning a new leaf… or so we thought. Last season the NFL released its Social Justice Initiative. The initiative included having a player-owner committee, with a strong focus on “reducing barriers to opportunity.”

League commissioner Rodger Goodell announced that the league plans to donate an extra $250 million over a 10-year period. The league even said starting next year they’re going to play the Black National Anthem before games for good measure. While it’s good that the NFL is giving back, I can’t help but be skeptical. One might say “they’re putting money where their mouth is, so what’s the problem?” I’m not against philanthropy per se, but I’m more concerned with what type of […]

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