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Opinion: End Gender Discrimination In Health Care Premiums

Susan Sosnowski and William J. Conley, Jr. are calling for an end to gender discrimination in health insurance premiums. (Shutterstock) Submitted by V. Susan Sosnowski and William J. Conley, Jr.

On February 11, the Rhode Island Senate unanimously passed legislation, SB 2125, prohibiting health insurers from charging women more for their health insurance. Again. In fact, this legislation has passed the Senate by overwhelming margins for each of the past eight years.

Women have long been required to pay more than men for similar services and products, and not just with health insurance. However, equal rights includes equal costs as well as equal pay. It is incomprehensible that in 2020 we could allow providers to charge different premiums on the basis of a person’s gender. As a state, we should not tolerate sexism of any kind, particularly in economic matters. Sexism in healthcare is especially egregious, and it should not be allowed.

On July 23rd, the Senate Finance Committee heard testimony on budget Article 20 which pertains to healthcare reform. Part of that section of the proposed state budget codifies certain provisions including the essential benefits of the Affordable Care Act into Rhode Island law. However, the ACA only prohibits small group […]

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