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Opinion: COVID-19 is exposing the inherent ableism in healthcare system


From microaggressions like ignoring those with invisible illnesses when they ask for accommodations due to their higher risk of contracting COVID-19 to outright allowing people to die without medical treatment or even nutrition, medical responses to COVID-19 have knowingly left people with disabilities behind.

Michael Hickson was a 46-year-old father of five who loved his wife, his children and answering trivia questions. Hickson, who was quadriplegic and lived in a nursing facility, was taken to St. David’s with a high temperature and trouble breathing and was admitted to the intensive care unit the next day. Three days later, his wife was told he was stable and had been moved out of the ICU—but that hospice care would be calling her shortly.

Hickson was denied nutrition and hydration through his PEG tube. Five days later, he was dead, and his body was transported to a funeral home without his wife’s knowledge.

Months prior, in February, Hickson’s wife’s temporary guardianship over her husband was temporarily taken away after Hickson’s sister filed for guardianship over him at the request of a probate court investigator in Travis County.

In the meantime, a Probate Court judge ordered Hickson’s guardianship to be handed temporarily to a non-profit serving […]

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