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Opinion: Biden’s economic plans spell disaster for small businesses


Like many Democrats, Joe Biden is full of promises. The Democratic presidential candidate recently vowed to create 3 million jobs in caregiving and early education as part of his “Build Back Better” economic agenda.

Investing $1.3 trillion into American infrastructure . Moving the U.S. economy to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Rebuilding the middle class. These are all Biden promises, yet his treatment of small businesses is even more troubling than the hot air.

According to Biden’s campaign website , the plan for small business is to punish “corporate America.” In promising to help “small businesses and entrepreneurs come out on the other side of this crisis,” the Biden campaign immediately pivots to addressing bailouts for “big corporations and Wall Street.” Biden will purportedly “ensure that corporate America finally pays their fair share in taxes,” yet makes no mention of the tax and regulatory hurdles facing small business.

Here’s a question for Biden and other Democrats: How does punishing “big corporations and Wall Street” help independent bookstores and mom-and-pop diners?

Of course, it doesn’t. The Democrats’ deflection should be instructive to American voters. Those political candidates who are truly interested in helping small business focus on, well, small business and lay out specific action […]

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