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Opinion: An Open Letter on Political Discourse to My Facebook Friends


As Election Day draws nigh, here are a few thoughts. Hoping you won’t be offended. I treasure my Facebook friends. In this awful time of social isolation, you’ve been my lifeline to humanity. That goes for my friends who are Democrats, those who are Republicans, and those who are independents or otherwise aligned. I don’t care whom you plan to vote for. I don’t care which politicians you like or dislike. I do care what you do with those sentiments on Facebook. Though I’m slow to act, at times, posts by friends (of varying political persuasions) have led me to mute them or, on rare occasion, to unfriend them.

If you deeply admire Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and wish to share your positive thoughts on their contributions, past and future, that’s fine. If you want to do the same for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, go for it. I do wonder why anyone bothers to post such things on Facebook, since everyone you know already has intensely strong views on Biden, Trump, Harris and Pence — and virtually nothing you say will change a single mind. But if sharing earnest, upbeat, positive, well-informed missives pleases you, then good for […]

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