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Oh, Canada: Should the US emulate Canada’s National Health Service?

© istock While progressives in the U.S. continue to push for government-run health care, the Province of Alberta’s government this week cleared the way for a health omnibus bill that seeks to privatize its health care system.

The Canadian system is often touted as a model for the U.S. to follow; Sen. Bernie Sanders , for example, applauded the Canadian system during a presidential debate. But although the health care system in the U.S. needs much improvement, it’s very telling that the Canadian system is seeking to be more like ours.

The Health Statutes Amendment Act, Bill 30 , “proposes to cut approval times for private surgical facilities, allow the ministry to contract directly with doctors — and allow private companies to take over the administrative functions of physician clinics.”

The bill addresses three longstanding problems in the Canadian system: Long wait times for surgeries, too-short visits with medical professionals, and the presence of too many middlemen. Yet these are just some of the systemic problems of the Canadian healthcare system. According to Health Minister Tyler Shandro , the move to privatization this year will allow doctors to “focus on providing care instead of focusing on administration,” which is really what health […]

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