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No, the Racial Justice Protests Are Not at Odds With Class Politics

Thousands of union longshoremen and Black Lives Matter activists participated in a Juneteenth rally and march at the Port of Oakland on June 19, 2020 in Oakland, California. Justin Sullivan / Getty Two broad schools of thought on Bernie Sanders’s impact on US politics seem to be forming. According to the first school, Bernie lost the immediate electoral battle, but his army of followers may still win the war. By bringing the Left out of the margins and mobilizing millions of young people behind his call for “political revolution,” Bernie could ultimately have a far bigger impact than many other politicians who actually became president.

Witness the smashing success , for example, of Jamaal Bowman , Jabari Brisport , and other Bernie-inspired candidates against establishment opponents in last week’s Democratic primary elections. The political revolution continues to march forward, even though its venerable leader has been forced to hand off the battle flag.

Ross Douthat gives us the clearest expression so far of the second school of thought in his most recent New York Times column . According to Douthat, the dramatic wave of protest against police violence and racial injustice represents clear evidence that Bernie didn’t just lose the presidential […]

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