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Nearly half of healthcare staff had COVID-19 with no symptoms

Among the healthcare workers in Tennessee who tested positive for COVID-19 by serology, nearly half had no symptoms.

The results of the serology tests, which are designed to detect COVID-19 antibodies, suggested that the front-line medical staff members had contracted the disease during the first few weeks of caring for infected patients.

Of those with positive serology results, 42 percent reported no symptoms of a respiratory illness in the prior two months. The research confirms that healthcare staff are at a high risk of COVID-19 infection and indicates that many of these workers do not exhibit the typical symptoms.

Dr. Wesley Self is an associate professor of Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the lead investigator of the IVY Research Network.

“Our results suggest that screening health care workers for COVID-19 even when they don’t have any symptoms could be important to prevent the spread of the virus within hospitals,” said Dr. Self.

The IVY Network is a collaborative group of medical centers in the United States that is funded by the CDC to conduct research on severe respiratory infections, including COVID-19 and influenza.In a separate study, experts with the IVY group studied 350 patients across 11 medical centers who tested positive […]

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