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Nearly 300 Healthcare Workers Have Died From Coronavirus



294 healthcare workers have died from Covid-19 after fighting it on the frontlines, according to CDC data, which the National Nurses Union says is a consequence of PPE shortages. NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MAY 26: Medical workers wearing protective masks stand outside NYU Langone … [+] KEY FACTS

62,690 healthcare workers have contracted coronavirus, resulting in 294 casualties, according to new CDC data .

There are likely more healthcare worker casualties, as only 21% of cases reported to the CDC include information that could identify the patient as a healthcare worker.

National Nurses United, the country’s largest nurse union, calculated a healthcare worker death count using publicly available information like obituaries and found 530 fatalities .

These figures come after months of reported PPE shortages at healthcare facilities around the country: “Nurses and other health care workers continue to find themselves abandoned at COVID-19’s front lines, without PPE,” said National Nurses United. “Despite nurses’ demands, President Trump has made no effort to mass produce N95 respirators using the Defense Production Act.”87% of 23,000 nurses surveyed by the NNU reported having to reuse single-use equipment when treating Covid-19 patients and 72% said they had exposed skin or clothing when treating Covid-19 […]

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