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Nearly 1,900 people report mysterious vaping illness

There are 1,888 confirmed and probable cases of lung injury in 49 states and 37 deaths associated with e-cigarette use, the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention announced Thursday.

The big picture: Additional patient lab tests have taken place related to a variety of vape products used. Little progress has been made in uncovering the specific cause of these respiratory illnesses, though CDC officials say that THC vape products have been linked to a majority of patients with vaping-related lung injuries.

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By the numbers, based on the latest information of 867 with the illness, most are young, white males:

  • 79% were under the age of 35, 78% were non-Hispanic white, and 70% were males.
  • About 86% reported using products containing THC, and 64% reported use of products with nicotine.The impact: A former Juul executive alleged in a lawsuit that it sent to market at least “one million mint-flavored e-cigarette nicotine pods that it admits were contaminated.” A Juul spokesperson told Axios the company denies the claims and is contesting the suit.

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