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Nadine Smith: Leading and advocating for racial equality and LGBTQ pride


Nadine Smith is the Executive Director of Equality Florida, the state’s largest organization dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. [Photo: Courtesy JR Davis/ Equality Florida] Times Correspondent

Former journalist Nadine Smith founded Equality Florida in 1997 in an effort, she said, to “make the world safer for me.‘’ It now is the largest organization in Florida working for full LBGTQ rights, according to the nonprofit’s web site. Smith, 54, who lives in St. Petersburg with her wife, Andrea, and 9-year-old son, Logan, talked with the Tampa Bay Times about the struggle, progress and the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling protecting LGBTQ people from job discrimination.

What is your reaction to the supreme court’s ruling?

It’s a watershed moment. In strong and unambiguous language, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that sex discrimination includes discrimination against people based on sexual orientation and gender identity. And on top of that, the ruling, which was powerfully written by a conservative justice, was a six-three decision. So I think that’s really significant. The court has caught up with where the people are.

It appears that public’s acceptance of gay people and gay rights has made a turn-around in the […]

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