End the duopoly

My partner was fired for being gay. The Supreme Court can’t set a pro-bigotry precedent.

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LGBTQ rights have come a long way in the U.S. But the community still faces threats in the form of legalization, discrimination and even violence. Just the FAQs, USA TODAY

My husband was a man who loved another man — me. To argue that his firing doesn’t violate employment protections against sex discrimination is absurd.

I’ll never forget the day Don called me in 2010 and told me he had been fired. He was so upset. Don Zarda was a skydiving instructor, and he had moved to Long Island for the summer season to work at a jump zone owned by Altitude Express. Skydiving was Don’s passion — when the two of us met, he took me on my first jump less than a day later.

Don was fired after a customer learned he was gay — and then complained to Altitude Express about it. Next week, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that will decide whether it was legal to strip Don of his job because of his sexual orientation.


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