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Missouri primary elections smoother; Healthcare expansion on ballot


CAPE GIRARDEAU (WSIL) — The state of Missouri held primary elections Tuesday for the second time under COVID-19 protocols.

Election workers sanitized each booth and pen that voters used, while seldom handing out masks. Election judge Lisa Elfrink says voters have been following the protocols.

We have had two individuals today who are assigned to do nothing but sanitize after our voters get finished,” Elfrink said.

Elfrink said voter turnout was light and steady. She added that having workers focused on sanitizing helped election workers focus on voters.

Resident Gabrielle Baffoni came out to support of a measure that would expand medicaid coverage across the state.

Amendment 2 would expand coverage to nearly 230,000 Missourians ages 19 to 64 who earn up to, or below $18,000, says Jen Bersdale, executive director of Missouri Healthcare For All.The state would chip in roughly 10% to the measure, or $200 million according to state treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick. Bersdale says 90% would be covered by the federal government.Bersdale says the measure would help keep rural hospitals from closing and help doctors provide the care they need. But Fitzpatrick says it would strain a healthcare system that already supports more than 1 million residents.”I just don’t think it’s right […]

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