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Minnesota, get ready for mandatory masks in some places, and the politics thereof

This May 7, 2020 photo shows the Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth, Minn. wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic. (Pat Christman / The Free Press via AP) Mandatory coronavirus face coverings, such as cloth masks, are likely coming to a locale near you.

While a number of employers and stores have been requiring them for some time, now we’re talking legally required. As in, you could be ticketed and fined for blowing it off.

Minneapolis will be the first. On Thursday, Mayor Jacob Frey announced that, starting Tuesday, everyone will be required to wear masks in indoor public spaces . St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter is considering something like that as well.

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Some widespread masking will be required statewide come June 1, according to orders announced Wednesday by Gov. Tim Walz.

Even though only outdoor seating will be allowed, restaurant workers will be legally required to wear a face covering when they reopen to diners June 1. Inside a barbershop, hair salon, tattoo parlor, nail salon or other personal service establishments, everyone — both workers and customers — will be mandated to don a mask when they resume business June 1. Some workers with prolonged close exposure to clients might […]

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