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Michelle Obama Makes Rare Political Statement Criticizing Wisconsin for Holding Primary Vote

Slideshow by family services Former First Lady Michelle Obama gave rare input on current politics Tuesday, tweeting that the U.S. needs to “do better to ensure voting is safe for all voters” as Wisconsin’s decision to go through with its primary vote in the middle of a pandemic today came under fire. “Today, Wisconsin voters had to choose between making their voice heard and keeping themselves and their family safe,” Mrs. Obama, 56, tweeted . “No American should ever have to make that choice.” Wisconsin decided to continue with its state primary vote today, despite health officials’ warnings for Americans to practice social distancing and refrain from public gatherings. Scenes at polling places in Wisconsin showed voters waiting in long lines, many wearing protective masks, in order to vote on Tuesday. Some voters showed up wearing gas masks, while others handed off their ballots at a distance. “We must […]

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