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Merck CEO: When it comes to drug pricing and politics, pharma’s in the ‘crosshairs’

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It’s no secret that pharma’s a familiar political target, and with 2020 elections getting into gear, Merck CEO Ken Frazier knows his industry faces challenges in the year ahead.

Speaking at Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit, Frazier said pharma is “right in the crosshairs” as politicians and lawmakers discuss ways to lower prescription drug prices. Presidential candidates have voiced various ideas to fight high prices, and Frazier said some are “legitimate plans” while others will “hurt innovation,” as quoted by Yahoo Finance.

This presentation will discuss how predictable stability and solubility can minimize development timelines and cost. Attend to hear about two case studies exemplifying the importance of understanding the hydration space of an API and how hydrate formation may be avoided by development of a robust crystallization procedure.

At the event, the Merck CEO also touched on a recent Gallup poll that found pharma ranks dead last among 25 industries in consumer sentiment. The industry’s negative score this year had rarely been matched during 19 years of the poll.

Pharma’s reputation score was below Congress, bankers and the tobacco industry, Frazier said at the event.


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