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Medicare for most, If not all: We polled Americans to find out what a popular universal healthcare coverage plan in the US could look like

As Democratic primary candidates duel over healthcare reform, Insider polled to see what a popular universal healthcare could look like — and to gauge what Americans want to see covered in a national health insurance plan.

In short: a lot. But it also depends on the person you ask.

As expected, the response tracked along partisan lines. Democrats want to see almost everything covered in a public health plan, including pediatric care, nursing home care and mental health services. Republicans are staunchly opposed to transitioning their healthcare towards a government-run system, though making hospice care part of a government-run insurance system drew more favorable opinions than most in the Insider poll.

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Both self-identified Republicans and self-identified Democrats backed making health insurance for members of the military and veterans sponsored by the government. There was support for publicly insuring the elderly and poverty-stricken as well, though Republicans were less likely to endorse that idea.


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