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Medicaid Providers At The End Of The Line For Federal COVID Funding

Yves here. Wellie, this Administration and Congress are nothing if not consistent. It’s not hard to have made sure to include Medicaid-funded facilities in coronavirus-related rescue programs, particularly given that workplaces heavy with lower-income “essential” workers like meatpacking plants have become disease clusters, endangering their communities. But thanks to this negligence, it appears large swathes of health infrastructure serving the poor will collapse. By Julie Rovner, Chief Washington Correspondent for Kaiser Health News. Previously, she was the health policy correspondent for NPR and also reported on health policy for National Journal’s Congress Daily and Congressional Quarterly. She is also the author of the critically praised reference book Health Care Politics and Policy A-Z, now in its third edition. Originally published at Kaiser Health News Casa de Salud, a nonprofit clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, provides primary medical care, opioid addiction services and non-Western therapies, including acupuncture and reiki, to a largely low-income population. And, like so many other health care providers that serve as a safety net, its revenue — and its future — are threatened by the COVID-19 epidemic. Casa de Salud clinicians, staff and health apprentices stand outside their clinic, socially distanced. (Courtesy of Elizabeth Boyce/Casa de […]

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