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Loyalty Empowered: Reward Programs Supporting Social Justice

Loyalty Programs for a Good Cause in a Time of Social Justice

In the immortal words of Bob Dylan, “the times they are a-changin”. This comes both as an immense relief and as a rally cry.

Concerned citizens across the country are doubling-down to end systemic injustices while strategizing on how to maintain the forward momentum of recent weeks.

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And the loyalty world has responded to this state of the nation with ardent enthusiasm; many brands are now building social justice activism opportunities directly into their programs by letting customers donate a portion of their points to support the causes they admire.

Loyalty program strategies like these that support the bettering of society can also be known as “Cause Marketing”. It was a topic that came up in one of our recent conversations .

These programs can be good for both customers, brands, and society itself. It’s no surprise that emotional affinities are deeply intertwined with purchase decisions and loyalty inclinations. It turns out the charity-specific tactics are associated with specific, highly desirable performance metrics:

“Brands empowering their consumers to donate to a cause they love can expect to create greater emotional engagement and loyalty as they tap into something their […]

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