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Letter to the Editor: Col Owens says support Amy McGrath and healthcare for all — realistically

A major issue facing Kentuckians in this fall’s U.S. Senate election is health care.

All Democratic candidates support universal access to coverage. How to get there is what differentiates them.

Amy McGrath recognizes that access to health care, like access to basic education, enhances our quality of life while undergirding our nation’s security and competitiveness.

She proposes a thoughtful, realistic path to achieving universal coverage, building on what we have rather than tearing it down.

More than 175 million Americans have private health insurance, most through their employers. It would be foolish, Amy believes, to take away coverage that many are satisfied with. She would preserve and strengthen the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and add a public option.

This approach reflects our national experience over time with other major policy initiatives, such as Social Security and Medicare. Over 20 million Americans have gained coverage from the Affordable Care Act. Never perfect, it was a major step forward when adopted. Republicans have been trying to repeal it since it was enacted 10 years ago. While not succeeding, they have undermined its viability. Amy proposes to fix problems they created, while maintaining essential health benefits, continuing coverage for pre-existing conditions, prohibiting annual or lifetime coverage caps, […]

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