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Let’s Not Lose Ground During COVID-19 In The Fight For Gender Equality In Law Firms

Ed. note : This is the latest installment in a series of posts on motherhood in the legal profession, in partnership with our friends at MothersEsquire . Welcome Susan Dunlap to our pages.

The more time I spend with the hundreds of Biglaw women lawyers I work with as a leadership coach, the more I worry about the regressive effect this pandemic is having on gender equality in Biglaw. One of my clients said it best when she lamented that “Equality has been erased!” She was referring specifically to the fact that many of her male counterparts have the luxury of working single-mindedly all day, while she and many other women lawyers are working full time and also managing the mental, physical, and emotional labors of childcare, homeschooling, meal planning and preparation, cleaning, and a never-ending list of other essential household responsibilities. This is, of course, an existing struggle that COVID-19 only magnified.

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