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Let Singapore Lead The Way: Health Care With Sean Masaki Flynn



Let Singapore Lead The Way: Health Care With Sean Masaki Flynn

By a wide margin the U.S. spends proportionately more on health care than any other nation, and yet life expectancy here lags many other countries. Singapore spends a fraction of what we do on health care and yet bests us on life expectancy and other health metrics, such as infant mortality. Unlike in the U.S., Singapore has universal coverage.

What can we learn from Singapore?

According to noted economist Sean Masaki Flynn, author of the groundbreaking book The Cure that Works: How To Have the World ’s Best Healthcare—at a Quarter of the Price (Regnery Publishing), a whole lot. Sean Masaki Flynn, Behavioral Economist and author of “The Cure That Works” In this eye opening conversation, Flynn discusses the free-market methods Singapore uses to keep prices low through vigorous competition among providers, while constructing strong, widespread safety nets to insure everyone gets needed care.

Very important, he points out relatively unknown but highly successful examples of applications of Singapore-like approaches used here and then walks us through how we could apply these on a national basis.

Our financial and medical well-being depends on it.

On how far ahead of other countries Singapore’s health care is “It turns out that Singapore is by far […]

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