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Leaving dogs in cars is dangerous all year round, even winter, study shows

Credit: CC0 Public Domain People are being warned about the dangers of leaving their dogs in parked cars after a study found that internal temperatures were hot enough all year round to pose a risk to dog health.

Researchers in dog welfare at Nottingham Trent University also found that, rather than midday being the hottest point of the day, the highest and therefore most dangerous internal temperatures occurred between 4-5pm.

The researchers, writing in the Open Veterinary Journal , monitored internal temperatures of UK cars—which had no dogs inside—continuously every day for two years as part of the study.

Most dogs are comfortable at temperatures between 15-25°C, but this is dependent on breed, coat length, fitness and a range of other factors.

The team found that temperatures exceeded 25°C in every month of the year, which is high enough to cause overheating in brachycephalic breeds—those with flat faces—such as bulldogs, French bulldogs, and pugs.

And internal temperatures exceeded 35°C between April and September—hot enough to cause overheating in all dog breeds —with the internal temperature rising to this level on almost a third of all days from May to July.Beyond 35°C, dogs will need to pant to control their temperature, and if they’re trapped […]

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