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Law scholars’ proposal boosts skilled immigration, economy

Comprehensive immigration reform has long proved too heavy a lift for the U.S. Congress.

But a pair of Cornell Law School scholars say an incremental change with bipartisan support could not only improve a broken system but spark the nation’s economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Their proposed pilot program would target highly skilled foreign workers, using a points-based selection system modeled after successful programs in Canada and Australia.

“The last time Congress revamped our legal immigration system was in 1990. Since then the world has changed but our immigration system has not,” said Stephen Yale-Loehr , professor of immigration law practice. “We think adding a points program would be one way to start overhauling our broken U.S. immigration system.”

Yale-Loehr is the co-author with Mackenzie Eason , a postdoctoral fellow in the Law School’s Migration and Human Rights Program , of a report titled “ Recruiting for the Future: A Realistic Road to a Points-Tested Visa Program in the United States .”

The co-authors will be joined by a panel of immigration experts for a webinar July 27 at 1 p.m. to discuss their report with an audience of congressional staff and immigration officials, policy experts and journalists. The webinar is open to […]

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