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Laid-off workers now worry about health care during health crisis

One employer said he "just wanted to make sure that everybody’s taken care of through this." One week ago, Sonya Znati was laid off from her job as lead bartender at the Maialino Mare restaurant in Washington, D.C. She’s been scrambling to apply for unemployment benefits and figure out how she’ll pay the rent. She’s also losing her health insurance soon, “which is probably the scariest part of it for me because we’re going into a pandemic,” Znati said. She expects to get insurance on the health care exchange under the Affordable Care Act, but in the past that’s cost her $400 a month for a plan with a $4,000 deductible. She hasn’t figured out whether she’ll qualify for Medicaid, which varies from state to state. But for now, COBRA is just too expensive. “It’s terrifying,” she said, contemplating what a hospitalization could cost her. “I don’t think I’ve […]

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